Pre-Pregnancy Termination Assessment

Pregnancy was not what you had planned. We understand. If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy and are considering abortion, we know you have questions. Am I really pregnant? What do I do now? What are my options? You deserve answers, and that’s why Care Pregnancy Clinic is here. We can listen to your concerns, provide abortion information and help you through what you’re facing. Know the facts, and be fully informed before deciding what to do.

Before Your Abortion

If you’re pregnant and considering abortion, your first step is a free pre-termination evaluation to answer these three essential questions:

  1. Is my pregnancy viable?
    One in five pregnancies end before 7 weeks.1 You may not need to have an abortion.
  2. How far along am I?
    Your gestational age determines the type of abortion that you could be eligible for.
  3. Do I have an STD?
    Having any type of abortion with an untreated STD jeopardizes a woman’s health by increasing her risk of infection and other complications.2

Our free Pre-Termination Evaluation will help you make the pregnancy decision that’s right for you.

We Can Help

An unplanned pregnancy can feel overwhelming. You may need a safe place to process everything, where you can feel safe to share what’s on your mind and get information about your options. That place can be Care Pregnancy Center. Make an appointment to meet with us and get answers to the questions you may have about your personal situation.

In School?

Think you're pregnant while you're still in school?

Help A Friend

Is someone you know facing unplanned pregnancy?

Already A Parent?

If you already have children and weren’t planning on more.


Facing an unplanned pregnancy is stressful, but you’re not alone.